Reduce the legal age to drink liquor: Recommends Committee

Reduce the legal age to drink liquor- A committee set up by the Delhi government has recommended that the legal drinking age should be reduced to 21 from the present 25.

The committee also recommended that soft liquor like wine and beer should be allowed at departmental stores.

This committee was set up in September and was headed by an Excise Commissioner.

The Panel was tasked to find solutions to simplifying the mechanism for liquor pricing, increasing the excise revenue, and checking malpractices.

A leading English daily has reported that the committee has also recommended reducing the number of dry days from the current 20 to 3 in Delhi.

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Another recommendation made by the Panel was that the Delhi government should set up three liquor vends in each municipal ward(272 in total).

In Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, the legal drinking age is 21, while in Delhi the age is 25.

The Panel also suggested that the Delhi government simplify the process of getting licenses to departmental stores to sell soft liquor( wine, beer, etc.)

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