Rajasthan Becomes First State to Enact Advocates Protection Law

Rajasthan has become the first state in India to enact a law protecting lawyers.

Following its introduction last week, the Rajasthan State Legislature passed the Rajasthan Advocates Protection Bill by voice vote.

Features of the Bill

The Bill Aims to provide for the prevention of the offences of assault, grievous hurt, criminal force and criminal intimidation against the advocates and damage or loss to the property of advocates.

Section 3 of the Bill prohibits assault, grievous hurt, criminal force and criminal intimidation on Advocates in connection with the discharge of duties of the advocate in the court premises.

Section 4 provides that on any report made to the police by an advocate in respect to any offence mentioned in section 3 of the Act committed against him, the police may, if deems fit, provide him protection for such period and in such manner as prescribed in the rules.

Section 5 deals with penalties and punishments for offences against the lawyers.

Section 8 makes provision for compensation to advocates and further Section 10 provides for liability to pay damages.

Let us tell you, there has been a long-standing demand from lawyers in Rajasthan for an Advocates Protection Act.

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