Petitioner Seeks Direction to Not to List His Cases Before a Particular Judge: All HC Dismisses With Cost of Rs 20K

On Monday, the Allahabad High Court dismissed a petition with Rs. 20,000/- costs in which the petitioner sought that no case filed by him be placed before a specific Lady Judge.

The Bench of Justice Manoj Misra and Justice Anil Kumar Ojha stated that the petitioner’s prayer was utterly misconceived.

The Court noted that the petition was filed with a “strange prayer” by naming the High Court as a respondent. The prayer was for certain writ petitions to be heard by a Court that did not include a specific lady Judge.

In response, Advocate Ashish Mishra, who represented the High Court, informed the Court that the writ petitions named in the relief clause had already been determined by this Court, and hence, even admitting that the first prayer made was maintainable, the same is misconceived.

As a result, Arun Mishra, who appeared in person, pressed the second prayer, which was that no case filed by him be assigned to a Court presided over by a certain Judge.

The Court responded that the Chief Justice of the High Court is unquestionably the master of the roster and it is only the Chief Justice who has the authority to decide which judge or judges would hear the case.

Most importantly, the Bench stated that the list of cases is prepared by the Registry, under the Orders of the Chief Justice. 

As such finding the Petition to be frivolous and misconceived the Court dismissed the same with a cost of Rs. 20,000/-


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