Must Know Acronyms (Short Forms) For Lawyers and Law Students

Many students while entering the legal fraternity are unaware that LL.B is the acronym for Lex Legum Baccalaureus, which means Bachelor of Laws in Latin! Similarly, LL.M means Latin Legum Magister (or Master of Laws).

Acronyms are everywhere in the legal Industry. They are used while numbering cases, citing cases, in orders and judgements, in law books, Statutes and various others.

To State some examples:

  • Case Number: W.P. (C)/***/2020 where, W.P. (C) is a Writ Petition (Civil)
  • Citation: 2018 SCC Online

     SC 1676 where, SCC would be Supreme   Court Cases and SC would be the Supreme Court.

  • A judgement may use PW meaning Prosecution Witness.

There are many such Acronyms used in the legal world and knowing them is a basic stepping stone in the industry. Here are the TOP must know Acronyms! :

AcronymFull FormAcronym Full Form
AIRAll India ReporterAIR(SC)All India Reporter (Supreme Court)
ADMAdditional District MagistrateARBARB (A)/ (P)ArbitrationAppeal/ petition
AGAttorney GeneralAPPAssistant Public Prosecutor
ASFirst AppealBCBanking Cases
CCCertified CopyCJIChief Justice of India
CMA  Civil Miscellaneous AppealCPCCivil Procedure Code
CSCourt of  SessionsDMDistrict Magistrate
DBDivision BenchDMCDivorce and Matrimonial Cases
ECC/ ECRExcise and Custom Cases/ ReportsFBFull Bench
HCPHabeas Corpus PetitionIPCIndian Penal Code
ICJInternational Court of Justice.OPOriginal Petition
PILPublic interest litigationPWProsecution Witness
REV.APPLReview ApplicationRT Referred Trail
SCCSupreme Court CasesSA Second Appeal
Tr.PTransfer PetitionTC Tax Case
WPWrit Petition 


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