Mumbai University Arranges Law Exam in Jail for Convict Following Court Directive

Mumbai University has made special arrangements for a convict involved in the 2006 train blasts case to appear for his law examination from Nashik Road Central Prison. The university’s decision came after a directive from the Bombay High Court, allowing Mohammad Sajid Margub Ansari to take his pending second semester law exams while serving his sentence.

Advocates Mihir Desai and Pritha Paul, representing Ansari, pointed out that he missed his exams scheduled in May due to the unavailability of police escorts, who were deployed for the Parliamentary elections. Ansari had already missed two of the four exams in the semester. With the upcoming exam on June 12, Mumbai University has coordinated with Siddharth Law College and prison authorities to ensure that Ansari can continue his studies.

Advocate Rui Rodriguez, representing Mumbai University, along with Additional Public Prosecutor Mankuvar Deshmukh, announced that the university would send an examiner to the prison. The exam will be conducted in a separate room within the facility. The question paper will be transmitted online to the prison superintendent shortly before the exam and printed for use.

This arrangement not only resolves Ansari’s immediate educational needs but also presents a potential model for handling similar situations in the future. Deshmukh highlighted the logistical and financial burdens of transporting high-security prisoners to examination centers, suggesting that this method could serve as a blueprint.

However, Rodriguez cautioned against viewing this arrangement as a precedent, suggesting that for professional courses like law, the involvement of bodies such as the Bar Council of India is essential for creating long-term solutions.

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The bench, consisting of Justices Bharti Dangre and Manjusha Deshpande, supported the initiative. They emphasized the importance of providing educational opportunities to prisoners and suggested that a policy might be needed to avoid repetitive court filings for such matters.

The court has decided to keep Ansari’s plea open and will revisit the broader implications of this case in future hearings, with the next session scheduled for July 1.

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