MP: Indore shopkeeper fined Rs 40,000 for storing modified ‘silencers’ used in motorcycles

A court here in Madhya Pradesh on Monday imposed a fine of Rs 40,000 on a shopkeeper for storing modified silencers that generate a shrill sound once fitted in motorcycles.

A police spokesperson said the chief judicial magistrate of the district court imposed the fine under the Motor Vehicles Act.

The traffic police on May 3 seized 109 “modified” silencers from a shop in Chhoti Gwaltoli area, he said.

In a similar case, the court imposed a fine of Rs 30,000 on another shopkeeper, also from Chhoti Gwaltoli area, on May 6 after eight modified silencers were seized from his shop, the spokesperson said.

The traffic police have launched a campaign against the installation of such silencers, the official said.

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