Madhya Pradesh High Court Upholds Charges in Prostitution Case, Dismisses Petition

In a firm ruling, the Madhya Pradesh High Court has dismissed a petition challenging the charges set by a trial court against an individual accused of engaging in prostitution activities. Justice GS Ahluwalia of the single bench clarified that payment for prostitution falls squarely within the category of criminal offenses, affirming the prosecution’s evidence against the petitioner.

The petition was filed by Rishabh, a resident of Jabalpur, who was arrested by the Gora Bazar police under charges related to immoral trafficking. The Jabalpur District Court had previously framed charges against him under Sections 5 and 6 of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act. Despite his claims of innocence, the High Court found substantial evidence supporting his involvement in prostitution, including payments made for such activities.

During the hearing, the prosecution presented evidence that Rishabh was found in a compromising position with a young woman during a raid on a broker’s location. In addition to this, objectionable materials were also recovered from the scene, further substantiating the charges against him.

After hearing arguments from both sides, Justice Ahluwalia reiterated the seriousness of the allegations, stating that the evidence presented by the prosecution warranted the framing of charges by the trial court. The decision underscores the judiciary’s stance on treating activities related to prostitution as criminal offenses.

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In a separate but related inquiry, the Madhya Pradesh High Court, under Chief Justice Ravi Malimath and Justice Vishal Mishra, has questioned state authorities and the Jabalpur district administration on why weddings are being allowed on playgrounds reserved for children in residential areas. The query arose during a public interest litigation hearing, leading to notices being issued to various administrative officials, including the Secretary of the General Administration Department, the Collector, the Municipal Commissioner, and local police authorities in Jabalpur.

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