Madhya Pradesh High Court Emphasizes Merit in Government Appointments

The Madhya Pradesh High Court has issued a significant ruling, asserting that government appointments must be based solely on merit rather than majority consensus. This landmark decision came after a petition was filed concerning the appointment of Panchayat Secretaries in the district of Katni.

The case, presided over by Justice Vivek Agrawal of the Jabalpur High Court, addressed grievances regarding the selection process for Panchayat Secretaries. The petitioner, Kalika Prasad from Padkhuri in Katni district, alleged that the appointments were made arbitrarily, favoring majority opinion over qualifications, which led to his exclusion despite being qualified.

The court’s ruling mandates the creation of a new proficiency list for the appointment of Panchayat Secretaries, which should strictly consider candidates’ qualifications. The decision underscores the judiciary’s commitment to ensuring fairness and meritocracy in public sector employment.

Justice Agrawal’s ruling also emphasized that merit should always be the criterion for such appointments, a statement that resonates with the broader need for transparency and integrity in government recruitment processes.

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