Lawyers Clash in Court in Bihar, Judge Seeks Explanation

In an unusual incident at the Sitamarhi Civil Court in Bihar, two senior lawyers engaged in a heated argument right in front of the judge, causing a stir within the legal community. Despite attempts by fellow lawyers to calm them down, the two advocates continued their dispute, seemingly forgetting they were in a court of law, not at their homes. The altercation led the presiding judge to leave the courtroom for his chamber, later seeking explanations from the involved lawyers.

The incident occurred during a marital dispute hearing in the Family Court, presided over by the Chief Judge. The case involved a couple, Rajesh Kumar and Pooja Kumari, with advocates Ramesh Chandra and Vishnudev Shukla representing the husband and wife, respectively. The conflict arose during the hearing on March 4, following a prior session on February 28, 2024, where it was suggested that the wife wished to resume marital life with the husband.

Advocate Ramesh Chandra requested the court to accept the application of Rajesh Kumar and issue a decree accordingly. However, upon learning that Rajesh Kumar was no longer interested in living with his wife despite their cohabitation since February 28, 2024, Advocate Vishnudev Shukla reacted strongly, leading to a confrontation between the two lawyers.

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