Lawyer Caught Using ChatGPT in Court to Argue- Know What Happened Next

Artificial intelligence is a topic that is frequently discussed nowadays. It will keep you entertained if you use it in a humorous manner. But is it appropriate to rely entirely on it for everything? This is an open question.

People are currently raising numerous concerns about the use of artificial intelligence. Some argue that it is not suitable for humans. Many, on the other hand, believe that if used correctly, it can be extremely beneficial.

Recently, news from New York surfaced regarding the use of artificial intelligence. In this case, a lawyer used ChatGPT to help him with his case. But it didn’t work out. The lawyer was unaware that ChatGPT does not provide answers based on facts.

The lawyer received incorrect information from the machine. On that basis, he presented an argument in court. The judge chastised the lawyer for wasting the court’s time on irrelevant facts.

Steven’s case included six incidents that occurred between 1999 and 2019. On the basis of these, Steven requested that the client’s case not be dismissed. However, neither the airline’s lawyer nor the judge were given any information about the case. When Steven was asked about these cases, he stated that he had used ChatGPT for the case and obtained information about them from him.

Steven claimed in his defence after being reprimanded by the judge that he was unaware that ChatGPT was providing false information. Following this case, questions about artificial intelligence began to emerge.

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