Kerala High Court Orders Clearing of Drains to Prevent Monsoon Flooding in Kochi

In anticipation of the monsoon season, the Kerala High Court on Friday mandated the clearing of all drains in Kochi’s flood-prone areas to prevent citywide inundation. This directive comes in response to the pre-monsoon rains that have already caused significant flooding in parts of the port city.

Justice Devan Ramanchandran, presiding over the matter, expressed concern over the recurrent need for judicial intervention to address the flooding issues in Kochi during the rainy seasons. He highlighted the urgency of the situation, noting that the recent heavy rains had exacerbated conditions in 15 identified hotspots across the city.

The Court also identified poor drainage mapping and infrastructure as contributing factors to the problem, which sometimes necessitates the deployment of pumps to manage water flow. Despite efforts in recent years to rectify these issues, the Court observed that “not much change has happened,” leading to repeated flooding during heavy rainfall.

The High Court has tasked a high-powered committee with overseeing the drain cleaning operations. The committee is to ensure that the Kochi Municipal Corporation undertakes comprehensive clearing of debris and maintains drain cleanliness, especially in the designated hotspots.

The directive requires these preparations to be completed before the next hearing scheduled for May 27, aiming to mitigate the risk of severe flooding as the monsoon season approaches.

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