Kerala HC initiates suo motu proceedings after Toddler killed by Father

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday initiated suo motu proceedings after a two-year-old child was assaulted and killed by her father.

Justice Devan Ramachandran said he was shocked that such a thing took place in Kerala. “The factum of such an event happening in our state shocks our conscience and certainly must be an eye-opener,” said the court.

The court also pointed out that according to the reports, complaints had been raised about incidents in the house of the child but they were not taken seriously by the police.

“When children are involved and they are the victims of any such violence I am certain that this court is enjoined to act under the parens patriae jurisdiction notwithstanding whether the perpetrator is the father or any other near relative. This court cannot ignore the cries of the young child who must have suffered immeasurably when being attacked particularly if the news reporting is accurate … This pains this court indescribably. I am therefore of the firm view that there should be some protocol so that the police are in a position to intervene when any such incident is brought to light. For this purpose, I propose a suo motu action and I propose that the respondents be the State Police Chief, the Superintendent of Police Malappuram and the concerned Station House Officer,” said the court.

The father of the two-year-old girl, Muhammad Faiz, was arrested late Monday night. The child’s mother has alleged that Faiz had beaten and killed her daughter. (IANS)

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