Karnataka HC takes serious note of petition alleging extortion at police station

The High Court of Karnataka has castigated alleged tendency of some police personnel settling civil disputes in police stations, stating that despite court orders restraining police from interfering in civil matters, they continue to do so, especially in real estate transactions related to land disputes.

J Ravi, a resident of Geddalahalli in Bengaluru, alleged that there were attempts to collect money from him by the Banasawadi Police in a civil dispute.

Justice M Nagaprasanna, who heard the petition, expressed dissatisfaction, and said that despite several court orders against police interference in civil matters, they are still violating it.

Furthermore, the High Court pointed out that despite orders preventing police involvement in civil and financial matters, police stations have transformed into centres for “settlement” in real estate transactions.

The court expressed serious concern about this, highlighting that even though the Supreme Court and High Court have repeatedly issued directives against police interference, they are still disregarding these orders.

In addition, the court directed the Assistant Commissioner of Police in the Bansawadi police station case to appear before it at 2:30 PM on November 29 to give an explanation.

The petitioner alleged that some private parties were trying to extort Rs 12 lakh from him. In this connection the Banasawadi police summoned him to the station and allegedly directed him to appear with a cheque for the said amount on November 25.

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