Jaisalmer Bar Association Boycotts National Lok Adalat, Alleges Misconduct by ADJ

In an unprecedented move, the Jaisalmer Bar Association staged a protest in front of the court premises, boycotting the National Lok Adalat in the district. The lawyers are up in arms against the Additional District Judge (ADJ) Sunil Vishnoi, accusing him of misconduct towards a senior advocate. The association demands either an apology from the ADJ or his removal from the position.

The incident that sparked the protest occurred on February 28, when ADJ Sunil Vishnoi allegedly used derogatory language against a senior advocate, Sawai Singh, a member of the Bar Association. The lawyers claim that such behavior not only disrespects the individual lawyer but undermines the dignity of the entire legal fraternity.

Despite attempts at reconciliation by the District Judge, the talks failed as the ADJ continued his objectionable behavior. The Bar Association has now written to the Rajasthan High Court, seeking action against the judicial officer and the Jaisalmer judge.

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ADJ Sunil Vishnoi, on his part, emphasized the need for harmony between the bar and the bench, suggesting that minor misunderstandings should be resolved amicably. However, the legal community remains adamant about continuing the boycott until their demands are met, insisting on maintaining the decorum and respect integral to the judiciary’s functioning.

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