Important Update on AIBE 2023: BCI Constitutes Fact Finding Committee on News Reports of Cheating in Exam

The Bar Council of India has formed a Fact Finding Committee to investigate media reports alleging that people such as Advocate Jignesh Joshi were involved in misleading and cheating some candidates who appeared for AIBE-XVII in Rajkot on February 5th.

The Resolution of BCI states-

“The General Council of the Bar Council of India by virtue of a resolution dated 06.02.2023 by way of circulation has constituted a fact finding Committee to find out the truth relating to the newspaper reports in Gujarat regional newspapers dated 06.02.2023 regarding the involvement of some people including Advocate Mr. Jignesh Joshi in misleading and cheating some candidates (Advocates) who were to appear at AIBE-XVII at Rajkot (Gujarat) on 5th February, 2023.

From the bare comparison and examination of the answer tally reported in the media (allegedly supplied to examinees by Advocate Mr. Jignesh Joshi), the factum of leakage of answer sheet or use of unfair means appears to be untrue.

However, prima facie it is established that Advocate Mr. Jignesh Joshi with his companions had tried to mislead some of the appearing young Advocates under the false pretext of supplying them the answers on their WhatsApp Group through mobile.

This had been done by Advocate Mr. Jignesh Joshi in order to serve his self interest in an attempt to procure their votes in the elections of Bar Association.

It transpires that out of 28 answers supplied to the candidates, 21 answers are wrong. In this way, Advocate Mr. Jignesh Joshi has tried to mislead and entice the Candidates to cheat.

However, the use of mobile for this purpose by some of the Advocates in exam hall, is a very serious matter. Usage of mobiles is not allowed during AIBE.

The Fact Finding Committee has been set up to examine the C.C.T.V. footage in order to find out the involvement of persons involved in this mal practice.

If the fact of any sort of use of unfair means is established, appropriate disciplinary and other legal action will be taken by the Bar Council of India against the guilty persons.

The three Member Committee shall be headed by Hon’ble Mr Justice J. Upadhyay, former Judge of Gujarat High Court, Hon’ble Mr. Jayant D. Jaibhave, Member, Bar Council of India and Prof. (Dr.) S. Shanthakumar, Director, Gujarat National Law University, Gujarat shall be the members.

The Committee is requested to submit its report to Hon’ble Chairman, Bar Council of India within 7 days from date of receipt of intimation.”

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