Important Cases Heard in the Delhi High Court on Monday, February 6

Important cases heard in the Delhi High Court on Monday, February 6:

* Centre told HC that the draft regulation in relation to online gaming has been circulated and it is in the process of finalising the same.

* HC refused to entertain a plea seeking to ascertain the feasibility of conducting elections for Lok Sabha and legislative assemblies simultaneously in 2024 and asked the Election Commission of India and the Centre to look into the aspect.

* HC granted permission to a woman to take her five-and a half-year-old daughter to the United States where she is relocating with her second husband, saying the child is stated to be extremely attached to her mother and it will be in her welfare to continue to stay with her mother.

* HC said counterfeiting is a commercial evil and a serious matter, which erodes brand value, amounts to duplicity with the trusting consumer and has serious repercussions on the fabric of the national economy and directed a businessman here to pay Rs 5 lakh to luxury brand Louis Vuitton for selling its duplicate products.

* HC asked the city government to state why it has allegedly not complied with its earlier order directing supply of free books, uniforms to students belonging to economically backward category.

* HC directed the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to file a report regarding the status of the functionality of instruments at the Jantar Mantar.

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