How is it a Crime if Children attend the PM’s rally in School Dress? High Court questions the Police.

In a notable controversy, the attendance of children in school uniforms at a rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sparked debate and now reached the Madras High Court. The court has queried the rationale behind the police’s decision to file an FIR regarding this matter, questioning how attending a rally in school uniform could be deemed a criminal offense.

The controversy emerged when reports surfaced that children had attended Prime Minister Modi’s rally dressed in their school uniforms. The police action against the school involved led to the issue being taken up by the Madras High Court, which has now sought clarification from the Coimbatore police. The court has given the police until April 8 to respond. The school administration has denied claims that children were sent to the rally in their school attire.

During the hearing, Justice G. Jayachandran reflected on personal experiences, stating, “When we were children, we used to attend election campaigns to see celebrities and politicians.” The High Court has taken a stern stance on this matter, extending the pressure not only to the school administration, which was reportedly subjected to forceful actions by the police but also demanding an explanation from the police by April 8.

The Coimbatore police had registered an FIR against Sai Baba Vidyalayam Middle School under the JJ Act. Now, the court is seeking a clear explanation from the police regarding this action.

Furthermore, the High Court has raised several questions about the FIR itself. It was noted in the court that the school administration had brought 32 children to the rally, where they were allegedly subjected to unnecessary physical and mental distress. The court questioned the basis of the police action, which was initiated solely on the complaint of the District Child Protection Officer, despite the police having learned about the incident through media reports.

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