FIR Lodged Against Retired IAS Officer for Using a False Name To Send Letters to Judges and Lawyers

Nisar Ahmed, a retired IAS officer and former administrator of the Waqf Board in Bhopal, has been charged in a FIR filed by the Crime Branch. Ahmed is accused of using a false name to send letters to judges and lawyers. The letter addressed the issue of religious discord spreading.

In his name, a letter was sent to some Bhopal judges and lawyers. The sender’s name was Rajesh Mehra, and the address was Bagh Mughalia. The letter was written to sow religious discord. Along with this, the letter contained objectionable and false allegations against some judges and lawyers. On the District and Sessions Judge’s instructions, the Chief Judicial Magistrate Bhopal directed the Crime Branch to investigate the letter.

Tariq Siddiqui, an advocate, had also filed a complaint with the Bhopal Crime Branch in this case. Its crime division began an investigation. As a result, it was discovered that the address written in the letter is a forgery. And, according to the District Bar Association, there is no lawyer by the name Rajesh Mehra.

The letter was written in a typing shop in Shahjahanabad. During interrogation, its operator, Shadab Ahmed, stated that a man named Rashid Ghori had come to have the letter typed. When Rashid questioned Ghori, he stated that Nisar Ahmed had summoned him to his home and given him the document to be typed.

He stated that two to three other people were present in Nisar Ahmed’s home at the time. Nisar Ahmed delivered the letter to some judges and lawyers on January 28, 2023, from a small post office in Jumrati. CCTV cameras were not installed in the post office either.

During the investigation, it was discovered that lawyer Tarikh Siddiqui had filed the Ayushman scam case of Nisar Ahmed’s son in the Bhopal Multispeciality Hospital in court. Nisar Ahmed intended to smear the reputations of the lawyers and the judge in order to exact his vengeance.

He did this by sending letters in the name of another person and writing fictitious things in the letter. Nisar Ahmed was previously the CEO of District Panchayat Khandwa, according to the information. He was also accused of having a relationship with SIMI’s Safdar Nagauri at the time.

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