Family of Deceased Accused in Salman Khan Firing Case Demands CBI Probe from Bombay HC

Anuj Thapan, the accused apprehended in connection to the shooting incident outside Bollywood star Salman Khan’s residence, tragically committed suicide on Wednesday. Now, the family of Anuj Thapan has filed a writ petition in the Bombay High Court, demanding a CBI investigation. The family and lawyers of the accused allege that this is not a suicide but a conspiracy behind the death, which requires scrutiny by the CBI. An advocate for Anuj’s family, Rajni Khatri, revealed that a writ has been filed in the Bombay High Court on behalf of Anuj’s mother. It names three entities – the State of Maharashtra, the Crime Branch, and Salman Khan.

The lawyer stated that the writ petition demands the filing of an FIR against actor Salman Khan and also seeks an investigation into Anuj’s death by the CBI. Allegations have been made that officers from the Crime Branch are also involved in this incident. Anuj was subjected to third-degree torture. This is not a case of suicide but a case of murder in police custody. The lawyer alleges that officers from the Crime Branch who are investigating this case are themselves accomplices with Chhota Shakeel. In such circumstances, one cannot rely on a fair investigation by the Crime Branch.

It’s worth mentioning that the accused Anuj had hung himself in the restroom on the first floor of the Crime Branch building within the premises of the South Mumbai Police Commissionerate. Anuj was accused of supplying weapons to two assailants who allegedly fired outside Salman’s Galaxy apartment in Mumbai on April 14. He was arrested by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch. Anuj’s death was already surrounded by questions. The lawyers for the accused, Amit Mishra and spokesperson for the Shiv Sena Thackeray group, Anand Dubey, also expressed suspicion over the suicide in such a secure lockup.

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Even Anuj’s family doubts his suicide. They allege that this case is one of murder in police custody. The family suspects a conspiracy behind the death. The family desires a CBI investigation into this matter, leading to the filing of a writ petition in the Bombay High Court.

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