Emergence of New Era in the Chhattisgarh High Court

The High Court of Chhattisgarh is entering in new era where the cases are being disposed nowadays in such a manner that for the first time total pendency of cases  is decreasing instead of increasing. This new characteristic, viz., the speedy disposal of the cases is eventually benefiting the litigants and public at large of the State of Chhattisgarh. This all is happening owing to sincere endeavours of Hon’ble the Chief Justice Mr. Ramesh Sinha in his brief tenure ( just more than seven months), which gave stupendous momentum in speedy disposal of cases. It can be noticed by looking into the statistics comparing the same period of time of last year vis-a-vis the tenure of Hon’ble the Chief Justice, as mentioned below:-

Data of Pendency/ Disposal of  Cases  during the Period 29.03.2022 to 01.12.2022
Pendency as on 29.03.2022Institution from 29.03.2022 to 01.12.2022Disposal from 29.03.2022 to 01.12.2022Pendency as on 01.12.2022Increase in Pendency (in percentage)
Data of Pendency/ Disposal of  Cases  during the Period 29.03.2023 to 01.12.2023
Pendency as on 29.03.2023Institution from 29.03.2023 to 01.12.2023Disposal from 29.03.2023 to 01.12.2023Pendency as on 01.12.2023decrease in Pendency (in percentage)

It can be seen that during the same period in year 2022, the pendency of cases have been increased by 6.38%, whereas for the first time in the last 10 years, the pendency of the cases has been decreased by 1.47%. 

If we see other statistics by comparing the same periods of last year and this year, we may see that though the institution of cases was 28526 (in year 2022) and the same was 28583 during the period 29.03.2023 to 01.12.2023. Thus, the institution of cases during the same period was increased by almost 0.20%, nevertheless, the disposal of cases also augmented. If compared during the identical periods, then it comes to 23126 cases and 29940 cases respectively. Thus, although the institution of cases during aforesaid  two periods is increased by almost 0.20%, but the disposal has also been increased by 29.46%. Is it not incredible and we can now firmly say that the dawn of new era in the High Court of Chhattisgarh, where the litigants are not the loser but achievers. Hon’ble  the Chief Justice has disposed of total 2117 cases in Single Bench and 4381 cases in Division Bench. Hence, out of total disposal  of 29940 cases, Hon’ble the Chief Justice has disposed of total 6498 cases, which comes to 22% of the total disposal of cases. This also depicts that Hon’ble the Chief Justice is surrounded with a team of highly efficient puisne Judges, which all work together with a sole aim to dispose of as many cases as it can. The High Court works together as a team and all the Hon’ble Judges including Hon’ble the Chief Justice are dedicated to liquidate the pendency of cases, which is now translated into fruitful results. 

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The increase in percentage of disposal i.e. 29.46% of the High Court of Chhattisgarh is a remarkable milestone which exhibits that Hon’ble the Chief Justice has not only disposed of huge number of cases but also his endeavours like making of roster  and invoking enthusiasm among the puisne Judges has enhanced the overall efficacy of this High Court. He sets example by working relentlessly, which became inspiration to all Hon’ble Judges, officers and staff of the High Court motivating them to push themselves beyond the limits. 

Hence, the work culture of this High Court is becoming more committed to serve the litigants and eventually the public at large. 

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