Don’t Use IMA Platform to Propagate Any Religion: Delhi HC to IMA Chief in Suit Alleging Promotion of Christianity

On Thursday, a Delhi Court asked Indian Medical Association (IMA) President Dr JA Jayalal to not use the IMA platform for propagating religion and concentrate on the medical fraternity’s welfare. According to the Court, stating allopathic and christianly were the same thing is wrong.

This direction was made in a petition wherein the petitioner had alleged that Jayalal was propagating Christianity and defaming Hinduism in the garb of proving that allopathic medicines were inferior to ayurvedic medicines.

The Bench noted that every citizen’s duty was to respect other religions and further observed that it cannot expect such callousness and ignorance made by a person who was chairing such an important post. The Court stated that a platform like the IMA couldn’t be used to propagate a person’s view on religion.

He further stated that by using the pandemic, Jayalal told the world that Christianity was the best and its followers were getting blessed. He further contended that a platform like the IMA could not be used to air such views.

On the other hand, Mr Jayalal’s counsel expressed apprehension that the petitioner was from RSS. He further denied that Jayalal was using the IMA platform to propagate any religion and saying so. So god was helping Covid patients cannot be called propagating any religion.

It was further stated that Jayalal used his position to do Christian missionary activities and convert medical students, patients and doctors.

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After hearing both sides, the Court opined that the IMA President’s article dated 30/03/2021 appeared in Christian Today’ was not in good taste.

While quoting Justice Chandrachud’s observations in the Navtej Singh case, Hon’ble Court observed that secularism was a fundamental part of the Constitution. Therefore, the duty to keep secularism alive falls on all Indians.

The Bench further observed that certain parts of the interview were not in harmony with the Constitution.

Observing this, the Court directed the IMA President to refrain from using the platform of IMA to propagate any religion. Still, he should concentrate on the welfare of the medical fraternity.

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