Delhi Lawyer Files Police Complaint Against Rahul Gandhi Over Remarks Made in Cambridge University

A Delhi lawyer has filed a police complaint with the Delhi Police, requesting that a FIR be lodged against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi under the section related to the offence of sedition for remarks made during a lecture at Cambridge University on February 28.

The complainant, advocate Ravindra Kumar Gupta, has requested that a FIR be registered against Rahul Gandhi for his lecture at Cambridge University on February 28.

“He created cynical environment near forthcoming LS Elections to garner negative attention towards elected govt.,” according to the complaint, and to create unnecessary issues with the democratic framework.

It is claimed that through his lecture at Cambridge, he instilled hatred and dissatisfaction in the citizens as well as foreign nationals from various countries.

According to the complaint, Rahul Gandhi made a bold attempt to upset the national balance.
The complainant also claims that Rahul Gandhi grossly offended his feelings and thoughts while delivering his lecture.

The complainant claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s seditious remarks against the government on foreign soil have derailed the government’s work and approach to maintaining healthy and friendly relations with foreign countries.

It is also claimed that Rahul Gandhi has violated the Indian government’s motto, which is “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” which translates as “The World is One Family.”

Rahul Gandhi committed sedition on February 28, 2023, while delivering a lecture at Cambridge Judge Business School titled “Learning to Listen in the Twenty-First Century,” according to the complainant.

Rahul Gandhi allegedly attempted to disrupt the harmonious balance and ecosystem of India’s relations with foreign countries by targeting the way.

The complainant claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s government had disrupted the nation’s democratic structure and that individuals’ lives and personal liberty were at risk.

It is also claimed that Rahul Gandhi reflected feelings of hatred and contempt for the elected government throughout his lecture, as well as feelings of disloyalty towards the legally established government.

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