Delhi Launches Scheme of Monthly Pension to Those Families Whose Member Succumbed to COVID19

The Delhi Government has come out with the notification dated 22nd June 2021 to provide immediate financial relief if a family member passes away due to Covid-19 and for continued financial assistance to the families who have lost breadwinners.

Lt Governor of Delhi has notified the Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Pariwar Aarthik Sahayata Yojna. This scheme applies to the NCT of Delhi.

The objectives of the scheme are:-

  • To provide financial relief to families who lost breadwinners due to Covid. The State will also take care of the education and health needs of dependent children.
  • Under the scheme, an ex gratia payment of Rs Fifty thousand will be given to family members of the deceased after they apply to the Revenue Department with the prescribed form.

Highlights of the Scheme:-

  • If the husband dies, the wife will get Rs 2500 for life, and she could get a widow pension if eligible.
  • If the wife dies, the husband will get Rs 2500 for life.
  • A Single parent passes away, and the other parent is also not alive or divorced/separated; each child will get Rs 2500 until they attain 25. 
  • If both husband and wife have passed ( where one died due to Covid), each child will get Rs 2500 per month till they attain 25 years of age. The father and mother can get an old-age pension if eligible.
  • If an unmarried, working daughter or son passes away due to Covid, parents will get Rs 2500 per month for life.
  • If a brother or sister passes away, the dependent brother/ sister who is intellectually challenged or handicapped will get Rs 2500 for life.

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Documents required to get the financial assistance:-

  • Proof of residence of dependents or deceased.
  • Proof of Covid Death.
  • Death Certificate
  • Documents to establish the relationship between applicant and deceased.
  • Bank Account details.
  • Disability certificate, if applicable.
  • Proof of age of dependent children
  • Other documents as required.

The SDM will form a team to ensure that the scheme applies to all, and health officials would visit homes to verify all documents. If the application is rejected, the SDM will forward the details to the DM online, and the DM will dispose of the appeal based on the SOP developed by SWD.

If a person dies of Covid at home or an institution, Rs 50000 will be given to the family as ex-gratia.

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