Delhi High Court Round-Up for May 29

Important cases heard in the Delhi High Court on Monday, May 29:

*HC dismissed a petition challenging the notifications enabling the exchange of Rs 2,000 denomination currency notes without any requisition slip and ID proof, saying it has been done to avoid inconvenience to citizens, and the court cannot sit as an appellate authority on a policy decision.

*HC issued a notice to separatist leader Yasin Malik, who is presently serving a life term, on a plea by the National Investigation Agency seeking death penalty for him in a terror funding case.

*HC granted bail to Indore-based real estate developer Vijay Agrawal in a money laundering case involving alleged hawala dealer Naresh Jain, and said when an individual’s liberty is concerned, it cannot proceed merely on the basis of assumptions and presumptions.

*HC modified the sentence of life imprisonment awarded to a man for raping a woman, inserting sticks in her private parts, before strangling her, to 20 years in jail without remission.

*HC upheld five years’ imprisonment awarded to a man for sexually assaulting a seven-year-old boy in his house, noting the statement of the child victim was of “sterling quality” and his testimony inspired confidence.

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