Courts can start using Indian languages within 10 years, says SC judge Justice Karol

Technology has now made it easier to work in Indian languages and, within the next decade, courts across the country can start using these, Supreme Court judge Justice Sanjay Karol said.

Justice Karol made the comment while delivering his address as chief guest at the concluding ceremony of a Hindi Pakhwada organised by the Bharatiya Bhasha Abhiyan here on October 4.

According to a press release in Hindi issued by the Bharatiya Bhasha Abhiyan, Justice Karol said, “Technology has now made it easier to work in Indian languages. In the coming 10 years, the courts in India can start using these.”

Justice Karol also underlined the importance of imparting legal education in Indian languages.

Apex court judge Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra, who was present as a special guest, said regional languages should get a place in the courts as these will bring transparency.

It is the right of parties to get access to justice in their own languages, he said.

Delhi High Court judge Justice Rekha Palli, who was also a special guest, said there is a need today that the common people understand the verdicts delivered by the courts and, for this, “popular and simple languages” should be used.

Bar Council of India Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra lamented the neglect of Indian languages because of the “special attachment” shown towards English.

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