Court Shocks as SP MLA Rafiq Ansari Evades Arrest for 26 Years, Rejects Plea for Case Dismissal

In a striking development, the Meerut court has expressed astonishment at the state machinery’s failure to apprehend Rafiq Ansari, a Samajwadi Party legislator from Meerut, who has been evading court proceedings for over 26 years. Despite multiple non-bailable warrants and attachment orders being issued against him since 1997, none have been successfully executed to date.

Justice Sanjay Kumar Singh, presiding over the hearing, remarked on the glaring inconsistency of allowing a lawmaker, wanted for legal offenses, to participate in legislative sessions while continuously avoiding court summons. This situation, he noted, undermines the credibility of both the state apparatus and the judicial system in dealing with elected representatives.

The court’s severe critique came in response to Ansari’s petition seeking to quash the proceedings against him based on the acquittal of 22 co-accused individuals in the same case. The petition was firmly rejected, with the court stating that the acquittal of co-defendants cannot justify dismissing charges against others without a proper trial and evidence review.

The initial case against Ansari dates back to September 12, 1995, when he and others were charged with rioting, vandalism, and arson at Meerut’s Nauchandi police station. Although the trial for 22 of the accused concluded by May 15, 1997, leading to their acquittal, Ansari never appeared in court, leading to continued issuance of warrants and attachment orders.

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The court has now ordered the Director General of Police (DGP) of Uttar Pradesh to ensure the execution of the warrant against Ansari and to report back to the court.

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