Court Orders Facebook to Pay Rs 41 Lakh to Lawyer For Blocking a Lawyer’s Account

Every month, Facebook in India blocks lakhs of accounts. The government frequently orders the blocking of a Facebook account, and the company frequently blocks the user’s account citing policy. Users frequently do not understand why their account has been blocked.

This time, blocking a user’s account cost Facebook a lot of money. Facebook must pay approximately 41 lakh rupees as a result of the user’s account being blocked. Let’s get to the bottom of this…

This entire situation is connected to a lawyer’s Facebook account. After Facebook blocked America’s lawyer’s account, the lawyer asked Facebook why, but the case went to court in August 2022 after Facebook failed to respond satisfactorily.

In this case, which lasted about a year, the lawyer won, and Facebook was ordered to pay a compensation of $50,000, or approximately 41 lakh rupees. Jason Crawford filed a lawsuit against Facebook after his account was locked for no apparent reason.

According to the report, the lawyer’s account was not restored, prompting him to sue Facebook. According to the court, no executive was appointed by Facebook to hear the user’s complaint. It is extremely difficult for anyone to contact Facebook in such a situation.

According to the lawyer, contact with Facebook’s customer support is only possible through the Facebook profile, but once the account is blocked, this route is also closed.

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