Court Orders Action Against ACP for Not Saluting the Judge Appropriately

In a recent occurrence at the district court, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Naveen Sharma, faced reprimand for not saluting the judge appropriately during a court proceeding. The incident, which took place on February 8th, prompted the judicial magistrate first class, Vikrant, to instruct the Police Commissioner to take necessary action against the ACP.

ACP Sharma, along with his team, was in court to present a suspect, Anil, accused of a ₹25 lakh fraud. After the presentation, Sharma’s unconventional salute – using just two fingers – caught the judge’s attention, leading to an inquiry about where he learned such a salute. Sharma explained that he was aware of three ways to salute: by merely raising an eyebrow, placing a hand on the forehead, and a full formal salute. He realized the gravity of the situation and attributed his improper salute to his tight shirt, which he claimed restricted his movement.

The court, referencing the Punjab Police Rules 1934, reminded that every police officer in uniform is required to salute the court upon entering, irrespective of the court’s ongoing session or the presiding judicial officer’s rank. The incident highlighted the need for police officers to be well-versed in rules and protocol.

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The backdrop of the court appearance was a complaint lodged by Praveen Kumar of Palam Vihar in February 2023, alleging a fraudulent land deal involving ₹25 lakh with Anil and another individual, Sandeep, who falsely claimed to work for the CM’s office. Despite payment, the promised work was not completed, leading to threats against Kumar when he demanded his money back. Sandeep, identified as a constable in the Haryana Police, is also implicated in the case, which now includes charges under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

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