Now Consumer Can File E-Complaint Against Shopping Frauds

The central government has launched an online portal for those who are fond of shopping.

In this consumer can lodge a complaint against the fraud made by the shopkeeper.

Last year, the central government enacted the New Consumer Protection Act.


For this purpose, the Consumer Ministry has launched the E-DAAKHIL web portal.

Through which the customer can file a complaint against the shopkeeper for any kind of deficiency in service or product while sitting at home.

E-DAAKHIL web portal is for smooth implementation of new consumer law.

Complete information about fees, complaints, appeals and features will be available on this portal.

It is a part of the new Consumer Act

The motive behind reshaping the law made in 1986 is to strengthen the rights of the consumer, in the wake of changes in the last 24 years.

For example, earlier this law did not include online shopping companies, which has now been added to the new law, 

It has been seen that the youth of today are more interested in shopping online due to the change of time.

The new Consumer Act has a clear provision for misleading advertising as well.

But all these provisions will be effected only when this law is implemented in full.

Therefore, you should have complete knowledge of this new law.

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