Calcutta High Court Fines Parties in False Post-Poll Violence Case

In a significant ruling, the Calcutta High Court has fined both the petitioner and the defendant Rs 10,000 collectively for their involvement in a false case related to post-poll violence in West Bengal. The court’s decision, rendered by Justice Amrita Sinha, aims to address the misuse of the judicial process and deter similar actions in the future.

The case originated with allegations against certain individuals affiliated with the ruling Trinamool Congress, accusing them of forcing families out of their homes due to their connections with the BJP. However, the proceedings took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that the allegations were fabricated, involving a personal dispute misrepresented as political violence.

Justice Sinha highlighted the frivolous nature of the case, stating that both parties had misled the court, resulting in unnecessary judicial proceedings. The petitioner and the defendant were each fined Rs 5,000, with the total fine directed towards the construction and renovation of women’s toilets in the historic High Court building.

During the hearings, state counsel presented conclusive evidence that contradicted the claims made in the petition. It was demonstrated that the supposed victims were, in fact, at home during the alleged incidents, and no such violence had occurred.

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The petitioner sought to withdraw the case citing an amicable resolution with the private respondents. Despite initial reluctance, the court permitted the withdrawal, contingent on the payment of fines by both parties involved.

This ruling comes in the wake of a report by the West Bengal government, submitted to a special division bench of the High Court, indicating a pattern of false complaints being lodged with the police.

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