Bombay High Court Advocates for Equal Emphasis on Sports Over Commercialization

The Bombay High Court on Monday made a significant remark regarding the importance of sports in society, stating that “it is high time the government gives equal importance to sports than the commercialization and concretization mantra.” The statement came as part of a ruling in which the court quashed a 2021 Maharashtra government decision that involved relocating a planned government sports complex from Navi Mumbai to a more remote location in Mangaon, Raigad district.

Justices G S Kulkarni and Jitendra Jain highlighted the need for a progressive state to prioritize the societal benefits of sports and recreational facilities. The originally designated 20-acre land in Navi Mumbai for the sports complex was in 2016 partly allotted to a private developer for residential and commercial use, a decision now overturned by the High Court.

The court emphasized that sports facilities play a crucial role in developing a healthy and robust society and expressed concern over the trend of prioritizing commercial development at the expense of public amenities. “A progressive state can never be oblivious of such needs of the society and more particularly, from the international perception,” the justices stated.

The legal challenge was initiated by the Indian Institute of Architects, Navi Mumbai Centre, which filed a public interest litigation opposing the state government’s decision. The court’s order mandates the City and Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (CIDCO) to immediately restore the land for the intended sports complex, although the decision is stayed for four weeks allowing CIDCO time to appeal to the Supreme Court.

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In their stern rebuke of the government’s approach, the court criticized the ongoing ‘concretization’ which sacrifices necessary public amenities for future generations. The court’s decision reflects a broader call for a reevaluation of urban planning priorities, urging government and planners to consider the long-term impact of their decisions on the community’s access to recreational spaces and sports facilities.

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