Azam Khan’s Family to Remain in Jail Despite High Court Relief, Multiple Cases Pending

Despite the Allahabad High Court’s recent decision providing some relief, Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan, along with his family, will not be released from jail yet. This stems from their involvement in multiple cases, including serious charges in cases from Dungarpur and Chajlet, which have led to significant prison sentences.

The High Court’s relief came in the case concerning two birth certificates of Azam Khan’s son, Abdullah Azam Khan. On October 18, 2023, the MP-MLA court sentenced Azam Khan, his wife Dr. Tazeen Fatma, and son Abdullah to seven years in jail and a fine of fifty thousand rupees over discrepancies in Abdullah’s birth certificates. Following this, each family member was placed in separate jails—Azam in Sitapur, Abdullah in Hardoi, and Dr. Tazeen in Rampur.

Their appeals against the lower court’s decision were dismissed by the Session Court on January 23, 2024, which upheld the lower court’s rulings. As they had previously forfeited their bail in several other pending cases, obtaining release now hinges on securing bail anew in these matters. Furthermore, Azam and his son Abdullah face additional sentences from the Dungarpur case and the Chajlet case, respectively.

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The family has been incarcerated since their sentencing last October. After the High Court’s favorable ruling on Friday, the plaintiff in the case, BJP MLA Akash Saxena, expressed dissatisfaction with the decision and announced plans to challenge it in the Supreme Court. He stated that while he respects the High Court’s verdict, he is not satisfied and will pursue further legal action to contest the ruling.

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