Awadh Bar Association to Pay Homage to Legal Stalwarts of Allahabad HC at Lucknow

In a bid to instil pride in young lawyers and boost their sense of well being, the Awadh Bar Association has prepared a table calendar that features twelve lawyers who have become a source of inspiration to young legal eagles.

The calendar will be released on 12th January in the august presence of Hon’ble Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, the Senior Judge of Allahabad High Court Lucknow.

It will feature stalwarts like AP Sen, Pt Gokaran Nath Mishra, RF Bahadur Ji, Chaudhary Niyamatullah, Pt Shri Dhar Mishra, Gulam Hasan, George Jackson, RN Trivedi, Govind Dayal Srivastav and Robin Mitra. Along with the pictures of these legal luminaries, the calendar will also feature their achievements.

General Secretary of Awadh Bar Association Sharad Pathak stated that it is a salutation to lawyers who excelled in their lives and brought laurels to the legal profession.

Pt. Gokaran Nath was born in 1897, served as the President of the Bar, and was a member of the United Provinces’ legislative council. He was the man behind the Oudh Courts Act due to which the Chief Court of Oudh was established and was equivalent to a High Court, reads the calendar.

Late AP Sen, who also features in the calendar, was undoubtedly a great lawyer and an accomplished musician and poet. Chaudhary Niyamatullah served as the Judge of the Allahabad High Court from 1932 till 1937.

Shri Moti Lal Tilhari and Pt Shri Dhar Mishra were renowned Senior Counsels while RF Bahadur Ji was the defence lawyer for the freedom fighters at INA officer’s trial of 1946. On the other hand, Har Govind Dayal was well known for his role in stabilising the Lucknow High Court’s territorial jurisdiction.

Late Jagat Narain Mulla was the primary prosecution counsel in the Kakori case trial and was a member of the Rowlatt commission. Senior Counsel Robin Mitra was part of the freedom struggle and tried to help by taking out Prabhat Pheris, and street plays. George Jackson was the very first President of the Awadh Bar Association.

Late RN Trivedi served as the advocate general for a year, and Ghulam Hasan was Judge of the High Court and later became a Supreme Court Judge.

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