Give Report on Social Distancing-All HC to Advocate Commissioners

In the ongoing PIL NO. 574 of 2020, in which the Allahabad High Court is monitoring the situation of COVID-19 pandemic in the State, issued further directions for ensuring that Social Distancing Norms be followed. 

Earlier also, the Court has passed various orders directing authorities to take steps for ensuring social distancing norms. Read Here

Vide Order dated 07.09.2020, the Bench of Justice Siddharth Verma and Justice Ajit Kumar, has directed that the Advocate Commissioners for each ward, so appointed by the Court shall submit a report concerning following issues:

  1. Whether the residents in the Ward in which the Advocate Commissioners have been appointed as Commissioners are maintaining social distancing and are wearing their masks;
  2. If any social distancing norm is violated or if it is found that any individual in a particular Ward is not wearing mask then the Advocate Commissioner may submit a report in this regard to the Zonal Officers of the Ward who in their turn shall communicate to the Municipal Commissioner and the Municipal Commissioner in his turn shall submit a report to the Senior Superintendent of Police and thereafter the said report shall also be placed before this Court. These reports, needless to say, should be supported by evidence.
  3. The Advocate Commissioners shall, with the help of their Corporators, go around their Wards and also submit a report with regard to the bad drainage, if it is found. If the Corporators do not cooperate, a report to that effect may also be submitted;
  4. If the surface of any road in the Ward is found to be bad, then the Advocate Commissioners shall report about the same to the Municipal Commissioner and also to this Court; and
  5. The Advocate Commissioners shall also see that the Nagar Nigam chalks out plans for opening public clinics in every Ward for the purposes of initial first-aid, checking of Blood Sugar and checking of Blood-Pressure etc. In the present times, these clinics may also be used as Sample Collection Centres for COVID-19. The learned Additional Advocate General and the counsel for the Nagar Nigam agreed that a concerted effort would be made to have within ten days a clinic for every two Wards after getting suitable premises. Learned Additional Advocate General also agreed that as and when clinics are opened, doctors from the Provincial Medical Services shall be appointed.

The Court has further directed that the reports of COID-19 be loaded in such a manner that anyone who has been tested and has an I.D. should come to know his/her report without any hindrance.

The Court also provided that Advocate Commissioners, may take the video-clips of crowd gathering in violation of COVID-19 guidelines and report the same to their respective Zonal Officers of the Nagar Nigam and the Zonal Officer concerned will provide the said video-clips to the Senior Superintendent of Police, Prayagraj, who shall, in his turn, take action.

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