Allahabad High Court Rules: No Ban on E-Rickshaw Registration for Traffic Control

In a significant ruling, the Allahabad High Court declared that while traffic can be regulated, there cannot be a ban on the registration of e-rickshaws. The decision comes in response to the petitions filed by Shri Vrindavan Auto Sales and five other auto agencies from Mathura, challenging the validity of a notification that sought to stop the registration of e-rickshaws in Agra and Mathura.

Justices Anjani Kumar Mishra and Jayant Banerjee of the division bench stated that the notification issued was invalid, emphasizing that traffic management concerns cannot justify the prohibition of registration for transportation officials.

The petitions arose after the regional transportation authorities attempted to impose restrictions on e-rickshaw registrations citing unmanageable traffic conditions. The state government, in its affidavit, argued that e-rickshaws and CNG auto-rickshaws were increasingly flouting traffic regulations, contributing to congestion.

The statistics reveal the scale of the issue: Mathura alone boasts 14,748 e-rickshaws, 12,346 CNG three-wheeler rickshaws, and 695 e-autos, along with over 105 e-rickshaw dealerships. The government had imposed the ban considering public interest in the face of escalating traffic control issues in the Mathura-Agra region.

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