Allahabad High Court Reverses Government Order for DSP’s Compulsory Retirement

In a notable judicial intervention, the Allahabad High Court has overturned a 2019 order by the Uttar Pradesh government which had resulted in the compulsory retirement of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Ratan Kumar Yadav. The original order was based on the recommendations of a screening committee that argued for Yadav’s retirement to preserve the efficiency of the state police service.

Justice Prakash Padia, presiding over the case, criticized the screening committee’s lack of concrete assessments and the vague rationale provided for Yadav’s retirement. The court noted that the committee failed to take into account individual service records and issued a retirement order that not only cast a stigma on Yadav but also unfairly doubled as a punishment.

The court’s ruling also highlighted procedural lapses and the absence of a subjective satisfaction in the committee’s decision-making process. As a result, the High Court has declared the government’s order unsustainable and contrary to law, leading to its cancellation.

Furthermore, the court has instructed the state government to facilitate Yadav’s rejoining within three weeks.

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