Allahabad High Court Issues Bail Warrant Against Director of Basic Education Over Contempt Notice Refusal

The Allahabad High Court has issued a bail warrant against Pratap Singh Baghel, the Director of Basic Education in Lucknow, for refusing to accept a court notice related to a contempt petition. The court has ordered Baghel to appear before the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) in Lucknow and submit a personal bond of Rs 20,000, along with an undertaking to personally appear at the next hearing on May 17.

This development follows a contempt petition filed by Deepak Gupta. Justice J.J Munir, overseeing the case, expressed dissatisfaction with Baghel for not accepting the notice, stating that he is now the Director of Basic Education and the notice was meant for the Secretary of Basic Education. The court noted that Baghel’s refusal represented a dual contempt: not complying with the order and refusing to receive the notice.

The court emphasized that contempt proceedings, whether civil or criminal, are of a quasi-criminal nature and are personal to the individual involved. It is the responsibility of the individual to accept the notice and provide an explanation if deemed necessary by the court.

Baghel is now required to attend the next hearing and to also appear before the CJM in Lucknow to submit the personal bond.

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