Allahabad HC asks- When Will Vaccine Trial of COVID-19 be completed?

Today in Allahabad High Court a Division Bench comprising Hon’ble Mr. Justice Siddharth Verma and Justice Ajit Kumar has asked the Central Government as to how trials of COVID-19 Vaccine are being proceeded with and as to by when ICMR or the concerned Authorities propose to finally complete the trials on the vaccines.

The Allahabad High Court observed that it is quite often, that even police personnel outside their police stations are not wearing masks. 

Earlier the High Court has also issued several Directions including a ban on stepping out of home without a mask, which can be Read HERE.

On 28.09.2020, when the matter was taken up, following issued were raised before the Allahabad High Court:

Issue No.1: 

On the last Date the Court had directed the Traders association to make arrangements for Parking Vehicles. Today, when the matter was taken up, the Vyapar Mandal made a request that any parking issue might not be disturbed as the same is already being looked into and has yet not been finally decided in Public Interest Litigation No. 1289 of 2019 (In Re Parking Problem In Civil Lines Prayagraj And Other Places vs. State Of U.P. And 7 Others). The Court  has directed the list the aforesaid matter along with the present PIL, after seeking nomination from Chief Justice.

Issue No.2: 

It was submitted by various counsel who were assisting the Court that masks and sanitizers are not upto the mark. The Court has directed Sri Purnendu Kumar Singh, Advocate appearing for the Central Government to produce all standards and guidelines with regard to masks and sanitizers which have been set by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Issue No.3: 

There was a sincere concern raised by the members of the Bar with regard to the vaccine for warding off the COVID-19 virus. The counsel for the Central Government submitted that he had no instructions as to in what manner the trial of the vaccines of the COVID-19 were being proceeded with. Considering above the Court directed the Central Government Counsel that by the next date take instructions as to how vaccine trials are being proceeded with and as to by when ICMR or the concerned Authorities propose to finally complete the trials on the vaccines.

The Hon’ble Judges further observed that in our country, to begin with, we very successfully locked down the country for a good three months. While the lockdown was imposed, we found that the police were really effective. 

Today, when social distancing and wearing of masks has to be done in letter and spirit, the Court found that strict enforcement is missing. Quite often, it has been found that even police personnel outside their police stations are not wearing masks. 

It is possible that the Task Forces, which have been constituted by the Senior Superintendent of Police and the Superintendent of Police in various districts, might be enforcing social distancing and they might be asking people to wear masks but the usual civil police have not reacted in the manner they ought to have.

For strict implementation of Social Distancing guidelines, following suggestions were given by various counsels:

  1. All police personnel and all Government employees should compulsorily wear masks. They submitted that unless they themselves wear masks they cannot ask others to do so.
  2. It was suggested that the head of every institution in the State of U.P. should in the morning hours everyday try to sensitize as many people as possible in their departments for wearing masks and for maintaining social distancing.
  3. Every citizen should be given the liberty to ring up at the toll free numbers to inform persons responsible if they see anyone not wearing masks or not maintaining social distancing.
  4. It has further been suggested that police in every district should take rounds without any interval on foot, mount, motorcycles, Jeeps or by any other mode and they should, thus, keep a round the clock vigil just as they used to do when the lockdown was imposed. The counsel expressed their surprise why when the police used all its strength and power to impose the lock down it was not using its power to see that people wore masks now when it was required on an urgent basis.
  5. The counsel present also suggested that the Government be advised to stop people from eating on roadside eateries, restaurants, chat-thelas and lai-thelas. The counsel present suggested that no one should be allowed to have pan and tea from the open kiosk. It was vehemently suggested that people may be allowed to get their food packed and they take those packets to their homes and have them there but they cannot, without their masks, be allowed to have food, pan or tea in the open. This would spread the virus without any inhibition. It was suggested that consumption of alcohol, just like hookas, be prohibited outside the Model Wine Shops.

The Court has directed the matter to be listed on 30.09.2020 at 2:00pm. On the next date, suggestions as have been given in the Court may be looked into by the learned Additional Advocate General, representing the State.

Case Details:-

Title:- In-Re Inhuman Condition At Quarantine Centres And For

Providing Better Treatment To Corona Positive vs State of U.P

Case No. PIL No. 574 of 2020

Date Of Order: 28.09.2020

Quorum:- Hon’ble Mr. Justice Siddharth Verma and Justice Ajit Kumar


Counsel for the Petitioner – Gaurav Kumar Gaur,Aditya Singh, Parihar, Amitanshu Gour, Jitendra Kumar, Katyayini, Rahul Sahai,Rishu, Mishra, S.P.S. Chauhan, Satyaveer Singh, Shailendra Garg,

For Respondent:C.S.C.,Dhiraj Singh,Hari Nath Tripathi,Purnendu Kumar Singh,Satyavrat Sahai,Sunil Dutt Kautilya

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