Agra students who shot teacher in leg sent to police custody

A court here on Friday sent two teenage students, who allegedly shot their former teacher in the leg outside their coaching institute, to police custody.

The students, aged 16 and 18, who were nabbed after the incident on Thursday noon, had also boasted on social media that they would pump more bullets into him six months later.

Both were produced before the court on Friday which sent them to police custody.

The duo, former students of Sumit Singh, had quarrelled with his brother Tarun over the phone when he stopped one of them from talking to a girl, police had said.

On Thursday, they called Singh on the phone and asked him to step out, and then one of them shot at him.

In a 25-second video, apparently recorded later, the two appear to be acting like characters from popular Bollywood movie “Gangs of Wasseypur”.

One of them hurls abuses, and says he will be back for the teacher in six months and shred his leg with bullets. “I have to fire 40 bullets, now 39 remain,” he is heard saying.

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