After 755 Years Victoria Sharp Set to Become Lord Chief Justice of the United Kingdom

A female judge will be in charge of the judicial system in the United Kingdom this time. For the first time in 755 years, a woman will be appointed Lord Chief Justice. A woman has never held this distinction.

According to media reports, the last two candidates for Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales are women this time. Justice Sue Carr is a Court of Appeal Justice, and Victoria Sharp is a senior High Court Justice. One of the two candidates will be appointed Lord Chief Justice of the United Kingdom. It will be announced within the next two weeks. The title of Lord Chief Justice has always been held by a man since establishing the British judiciary. agency

Victoria Sharp moves forward

The position of Lord Chief Justice was established in 1268. More than 100 men have lived on it so far. Victoria Sharp is the current frontrunner for this position. Richard Sharp, a former Goldman Sachs financier, is his twin brother. Following a controversy involving Boris Johnson, he resigned last month as chairman of the BBC.

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