Vivek Bindra vs Sandeep Maheshwari: Court Issues Notice to Sandeep Maheshwari Amidst Ongoing Legal Battle

In the latest development in the legal battle between Dr. Vivek Bindra and Sandeep Maheshwari, the District Court of Faridabad has issued a notice to Maheshwari for allegedly violating court orders. This feud, which originated from a YouTube video, has now escalated into a full-fledged legal confrontation.

Previously, on December 22, 2023, the Faridabad Court had issued an order prohibiting both parties from speaking against each other publicly. This order was reinforced on February 5, 2024, extending the ban to any form of online or offline campaigning against each other.

Despite these orders, it is reported that Sandeep Maheshwari held offline meetings on January 19 and February 10, 2024, where he allegedly disparaged Dr. Bindra, damaging his social image. The court, acknowledging this breach, has now scheduled a court appearance for Sandeep Maheshwari on May 28, escalating the legal stakes.

This is not the first time Sandeep Maheshwari has faced the court’s reprimand. Previously, he was summoned under IPC sections 499 and 500 for criminal defamation due to videos he produced against Dr. Bindra, which were deemed to have negatively impacted Bindra’s social image. Maheshwari’s attempt to quash this summon at the Punjab and Haryana High Court was unsuccessful.

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