Supreme Court To Develop a System for Send Bail Orders Electronically to Jail Authorities For Speedy Release of Inmates

On Friday, the Supreme Court stated that it has undertaken to form a system to ensure that bail orders are sent to prison authorities electronically.

The Bench made this observation when hearing a suo motu case regarding the delay in the release of convicts by jail authorities even after courts had granted bail to them.

As per the Court, the delay was too much.

Hon’ble CJI Ramana stated that prisoners are waiting for SC orders to be sent by posts. He further stated that they had ordered release in some matters, but the prisoners were not released as they had not received the authentic order copies.

The Court said that it was contemplating a system to secure and ask for bail, so such orders are sent to jail authorities electronically. The Court directed the Secretary-General to frame the scheme and submit it to the Court.

Attorney General Venugopal remarked that the Court’s idea was very progressive.

Now the Court has asked States to inform them if jails have adequate internet facilities as it would be needed to access the secure system for order transmission.

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Recently, the top Court had granted bail to 13 convicts from Agra jail. Hoover, the convicts, left the jail four days after the order as prison authorities had not received the certified copy of the order.

After passing the order, the convicts’ counsel approached the Apex Court and submitted that the prisoners were still in jail despite the order. The Counsel ( Rishi Malhotra) suggested that the Court could email orders to jail superintendents, so convicts get released at the earliest. Following this, the prisoners were released.

The Bench assured the counsel that it would take up the issue on the administrative side.

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