Supreme Court Orders Release of 17 Foreign Nationals from Assam Detention Center

The Supreme Court of India, on Thursday, directed the central government to release 17 foreign nationals detained in an Assam detention center, noting that no criminal charges have been registered against them. The directive was issued by a bench comprising Justices Abhay S Oka and Ujjal Bhuiyan, who reviewed a report presented by the State Legal Services Authority, which indicated the prolonged detention of these individuals.

The bench emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “It is imperative for the Indian government to immediately take steps to release these 17 foreign nationals, as they are not accused of any criminal activities.”

This decision follows the Supreme Court’s inquiry in April seeking details from the Assam State Legal Services Authority about foreign nationals who have been in detention for more than two years. The court had previously instructed the authority to assess the facilities available to these foreigners and to form a team to visit the detention centers for this purpose.

The hearing was part of a larger petition concerning individuals who have spent over two years in state detention centers.

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