Supreme Court stays the implementation of all three farm laws

Today, the Supreme Court has stayed the implementation of all three farm laws. Further a four member committee has been formed of agriculturist to hear farmers’ grievances against farm laws.

Yesterday , during the hearing of challenge to the three farms laws, the CJI SA Bobde bench of Supreme Court came down heavily on the Central Government.

Hon’ble CJI SA Bobde reprimanding the Government observed that

 “We do not think the Centre is handling this issue correctly. We have to take some action today. We dont think you are being effective.”

SG Tushar Mehta said The Farm Laws are progressive and a vast majority is in favour of them. 

To this the CJI said “We don’t have a single petition before us that has told us it is beneficial. Let that vast majority go to the committee we will form and say all this.”

Opposing the stay on farm laws AG KK Venugopal said that Court can’t stay a law in such a drastic manner and submitted case laws on this issue

CJI Observed that “Right to protest should be exercised the way Mahatma Gandhi did it and the protest was on a much larger scale. Right to protest has to be exercised peacefully.”

AG req uested the court that the next talks are on 15 January so the Court should wait till then. But the CJI refused to accept this request and said that the Court wants to pass the order today itself.

In a very unprecedented manner  CJI SA Bobde asked Senior Advocate HS Phoolka, Lawyer of Famers Union to:

“Give them a message that the chief justice wants children, women & old people to go back in the interest of their health & safety. After we stay the law, there won’t be nothing to fight for. They should be persuaded to go back at some point”

Attorney General KK Venugopal again resisted the stay of implementation of the law and submitted that putting in abeyance implementation of a law is as good as staying the law & that’s not possible without examining a law. 

CJI further said

“We are not creating a alternative forum for protests at the proposed committee

Public interest is an important factor in the case. Proposed  Committee shall be able to advice on public interest

CJI suggested the name of formerly CJI Lodha to be on the panel”

CJI SA Bobde says an order might be passed today in part and then again tomorrow.

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