Some Judges Are Lazy and Do Not Write Judgments on Time: Retd. Justice Chelameswar

Some judges, according to retired Supreme Court Justice J Chelameswar, are lazy. According to him, the collegium operates in a very opaque manner. When allegations against judges surface, it is common for no action to be taken.

He also stated unequivocally that some judges are lazy and do not even write their decisions on time. It takes them years to write judgements. Many people do not know how to work.

On Tuesday, Justice Chelameswar spoke at a seminar in Kochi, Kerala, on the topic “Is the Collegium Different from the Constitution?” He stated that many cases are brought before the collegium, but that most of the time nothing happens. If the accusations levelled against the judges are serious, action should be taken. The usual procedure is to transfer the judge who is the subject of the allegation.

He stated that if I say anything now, I will be trolled after retirement, asking why I am bothering the judiciary, but this is my fate. In my dissenting opinion in the National Judicial Appointments Commission case, I never suggested entrusting the selection of judges to the executive. I am more aware of the risks than anyone else.

‘No one is paying attention to how to strengthen the collegium system so that the common man gets its benefits,’ Justice Chelameswar said in response to Law Minister Kiren Rijiju’s statement about the 42nd amendment.

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