Shortest Judgment in World’s History? Know here

We are familiar to read judgments that are 200-300-500 pages long. However, did you know that world’s shortest judgment is of only 9 Words?

Yes, it is true. The smallest Judgment in World is just of Nine Words. It was delivered by a Chancery Court in England back in the year 1708.

Chancery courts were the courts having equity jurisdiction in ancient England. They now cease to exist and have been merged with the common law courts.

The name of the Judge who delivered this Judgment is not available in the History Records. The issue of the case in which the judgment was passed is available through the informal law records by Lord Thomas Vernon.

It is reported in the second volume of Vern., at page 638, and also at 23 English Reports 1018

The issue discussed in the case was also funny and interesting. The issue was:

Whether in a devise of household goods, are the dishes included?

The question was much discussed by the Lawyers of that time. There was a conundrum on the topic that whether dishes are included in the devise of household goods.

The conundrum was cleared by the 9 words judgment. It held that dishes do form part of the devise of household goods.

The Judgment was delivered in the case of “Lillicott v Compton”. It reads as under:

“Plate shall pass by a devise of household goods.”


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