SDM’s Office Furniture Seized After Failure to Compensate Landowners in Vidisha

In an unprecedented move, the Sironj Court in Vidisha district ordered the seizure of all movable assets from the local Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s (SDM) office, including chairs, tables, computers, and the SDM’s personal chair and laptop. This dramatic action follows a court directive mandating proper compensation for landowners affected by a highway project back in 2011, which the SDM failed to enforce.

The case revolves around the acquisition of land for the Sironj-Guna Highway constructed by the Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation (MPRDC) in 2011. Eighty-two landowners at Rohalpura Chauraha were initially compensated, but some felt the compensation was insufficient and took their grievances to court.

After years of legal proceedings, in February 2023, the court finally ruled in favor of the landowners, significantly increasing their compensation to a total of ₹29,05,200, a stark contrast to the original ₹40,000 awarded per landowner. However, the government and MPRDC failed to act on the court’s order, leading to Tuesday’s drastic enforcement measure under order number EXA16/23.

Kapil Tyagi, the lawyer representing the main applicant, explained that the delayed and insufficient government response prompted the legal action. The seizure of the SDM’s office equipment is a first in Sironj and has caused considerable stir and concern within administrative circles, underscoring the court’s commitment to ensuring justice and compliance with its orders.

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