Sanctioned 800 Crores For New Supreme Court Complex, Hope Its Not Challenged Like New Parliament Building: PM Modi

In a momentous address at the Diamond Jubilee ceremony of the Supreme Court of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commemorated the historic occasion on Sunday. The event marked the beginning of the 75th year of the Supreme Court of India, coinciding with India’s Constitution entering its 75th year.

Prime Minister Modi began his address by acknowledging the visionary framers of the Indian Constitution, who envisioned an independent India founded on the bedrock principles of freedom, equality, and justice. He lauded the Supreme Court’s unwavering commitment to upholding these ideals throughout its history, whether in protecting freedom of expression, personal liberty, or social justice.

Reflecting on the Supreme Court’s illustrious journey spanning over seven decades, PM Modi emphasized that every institution and organization in India, from the executive to the legislature, is now working with a forward-looking perspective geared towards the next 25 years. This forward-thinking approach has spurred significant reforms and transformation in the country.

PM Modi underscored the pivotal role of India’s current economic policies in shaping a brighter future, with today’s laws serving as the foundation for a prosperous India tomorrow. He noted that the changing global landscape has placed India in the international spotlight, with the world’s trust in the country growing steadily. In this context, he stressed the importance of seizing every opportunity and not letting any go to waste.

Highlighting the critical role played by the Supreme Court in India’s justice system, PM Modi emphasized the need to ensure that access to justice reaches every corner of the nation, catering to the needs of every Indian. He revealed that the government had recently approved an allocation of Rs 800 crore for the expansion of the Supreme Court Complex, reflecting the commitment to enhancing the court’s reach and accessibility.

He further said that lets hope that this allocation is not challenged by filing frivolous petition as it was done in the case of New Supreme Court building.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the Digital Supreme Court Report, a significant development that will make Supreme Court decisions available in digital format. This innovation promises to enhance transparency and accessibility to legal proceedings.

In conclusion, PM Modi’s address at the Supreme Court’s Diamond Jubilee ceremony celebrated not only the court’s rich history but also its enduring commitment to preserving the principles that underpin India’s democracy. The allocation of funds for expansion and the introduction of the Digital Supreme Court Report demonstrate a commitment to modernization and accessibility in the country’s justice system.

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