Robbers Try to Rob Lady Judge in Delhi, Beat Judge’s Son and Take Away Mobile Phone

When a woman judge protested the robbery in the Gulabi Bagh area of the North district, bike-borne robbers beheaded her.

They also thrashed the lady judge’s 12-year-old son before fleeing with the mobile phone and cash.

The incident occurred on the evening of March 6. Dilshad, a miscreant, was apprehended by police in this case.

His possessions included 4,500 rupees and an ATM card. The police are currently looking for Rahul, the other miscreant involved in the incident.

According to the information, Rachna Tiwari Lakhanpal is a judge who lives in the Judge Colony complex in Gulabi Bagh with her family. The lady judge’s twelve-year-old son is a class seven student at a reputable private school.

On the evening of March 6, both mother and son were walking around the colony grounds as usual after dinner. Meanwhile, two teenagers arrived on a bicycle.

A young man approached the female judge and attempted to snatch the bag hanging on his shoulder, but when he protested, the miscreant pushed him loudly.

The woman judge’s head was split as a result of her fall. The miscreants then slapped the woman judge’s 12-year-old son and fled with her purse. The purse contained 8-10 thousand rupees, a phone, and the necessary documents.

Taking care of himself, the son of the female judge went straight to the house and gave the father complete information.

Following this, the woman judge was admitted to NKS Hospital by her husband and discharged after treatment. On the basis of the 12-year-old son’s complaint, the police filed a robbery case.

The miscreants on bikes had broken into the colony’s premises. He then noticed the woman walking with her son.

There was no one else around. The miscreants committed the crime fearlessly in such a situation.

In this case, the police first seized the miscreants’ bike after reviewing CCTV footage. Dilshad was apprehended as a result of this. It has more than ten snatching cases recorded on it.

On October 16, 2021, a senior woman officer from the Ministry of Home Affairs was dragged two hundred metres by slappers while on her way to Faridabad with her son.

On October 14, 2019, a senior judge’s iPhone was stolen in the Roop Nagar area, where he had gone to eat with his family.

On October 11, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s niece was robbed of her cash and phone in the Civil Lines area.

The iPhone of then-Solicitor General Tushar Mehta’s wife was stolen in the Barakhamba area on August 20, 2019.

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