Relief for D.El.Ed (BTC) Students from Allahabad High Court

Today, the Allahabad High Court at Lucknow has granted big relief to D.El.Ed (BTC) Students. 

The Court has directed the Government to consider for postponing the upcoming exam of 4th Semster. So that the students who have to give back paper can participate.

What’s the Controversy?

Petitioners took admission in BTC (D.El.Ed) Course on 05.07.2018. Some of the Petitioner could not pass in one subject of First and Second Semester Exam.

However, they were eligible for back paper. Consequently, they were allowed to study in the subsequent Semesters. The Third Semester Examination was proposed to be held in March 2020. 

But due to COVID-19 situation and lockdown exams were not conducted. Examining Authority issued a notification for conducting the remaining Exam. 

As per the schedule, First Semester Exam is to be held with effect from 30.10.2020 upto 01.11.2020. Similarly, back paper examination for the Second Semester is to be held from 05.11.2020 upto 07.11.2020. 

However, the Fourth Semester have been scheduled from 09.11.2020 upto 11.11.2020. But Fourth Sem exam is only for those candidates who have been allowed to be promoted in view of G.O dated 16.09.2020.

Some students Challenged the action of conducting 4th Sem Exam, without allowing the students to clear back paper of previous semesters.

Allahabad High Court Grants Relief to D.El.Ed Students

The Allahabad High Court considered the arguments of parties. Considering the fact that as per the regulations, the petitioners were entitled to give the Third Semester Examination after giving their back papers in March 2020 itself.

Also, the Petitioners have attended their Classes for the Third and Fourth Semesters. Hon’ble Court directed the respondents to consider for postponing the Fourth Semester Examination due to be held with effect from 09.11.2020 upto 11.11.2020. 

Court has provided that such fourth-semester examination may be postponed for a week by the respondents.

So that all the students like the petitioners can clear their back paper examination to appear alongwith regular students in the Fourth Semester Examination.

Allahabad HC has also directed the Respondents to file a counter affidavit within a period of three weeks.

In the meantime, it has been provided that the respondents shall also consider postponing the Fourth Semester Examination for a week. So that the petitioners and similarly situated candidates do not waste precious time any further in pursuance of their careers as Teachers

This order is going to be a breather for 62542 students of D.El.Ed.

Case Details: 

Title: Lavkush Kumar & Ors vs State Of U.P. Thru. Secy. Basic Education, Lko. & Ors.

Case No. MISC. SINGLE No. – 17640 of 2020

Coram: Hon’ble Justice Mrs. Sangeeta Chandra

Date of Order: 19.10.2020.

Counsel for Petitioner:- Amit Kr. Singh Bhadauriya

Counsel for Respondent :- C.S.C.

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